Mosaic is about people on a journey. Together.
— Stephen Hammond

God is making the world a better place. We see it when a single mother finds people to help her care for her kids. We see it when a family finds other families to encourage them to love God together. We see it when single men and women give their time to serve people in need. And we see it when people can find a welcoming community of friends.

We know this story because it's our story. At one point or another most of us have felt like we're beat up, alone or missing something. And one by one God brought us here to live with purpose as the Mosaic Arlington community.

Many of us have decided that this community finds true wholeness in the journey of following Jesus Christ. We value God's promise to make communities of Christ followers into powerful places of encouragement, healthy growth and transformation. And we value God's promise that there is both hope for the rest of our lives and hope for today.

Mosaic Arlington isn't a building, an organization or a personality. We are a group of people, like you, who have found a place to belong to one another and to God.


The story is continuing and we would love for you to join us and be a part of it.